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5 Craft Ales by Rogues' Harbor Brewing 

Brewery Ithaca NY

Our Brew Guru, Chris Williams


Chris & Alex Brewing Route 34 Red Ale

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The Happy Hour Guys Segment about us!!!

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Cayuga Cream Ale TM

 Route 34 Red Ale TM

East Shore Pale Ale TM

Brewer's Choice TM

Featured Belgian Ale


New York State offers us a wide variety of local
ingredients to use in our brewing process: hops, corn, grain....
We buy most of our hops locally. 

Cayuga Cream Ale: cream ale is a North American specialty that is somewhat of a hybrid in style. It has the unchallenging crisp characteristics of a pale lager, but is endowed with a hint of the aromatic complexities that ales provide. Golden straw in color, Cream Ales are generally more heavily carbonated and slightly more hopped than light lagers.

Route 34 Red Ale: a rich dark red ale with a dry nutty flavor and a rich creamy head. It’s another food friendly brew.

East Shore Pale Ale: a traditional American Pale Ale, this style of beer is synonymous with the beginning of the US craft beer moment. This bright, amber colored ale is a full-bodied beer that is balanced nicely with a tangy hop flavor. 

Featured Belgian Ale: inspired by the best Belgium has to offer

Brewer's Choice: whatever our Brew Guru feels inclined to brew...

Here's the schedule so far:

~ January 2014:

Brewer's Choice: Stout's Rye Stout: very roasty aroma, nice dark color and frothy head, tastes very malted upfront with a roasted finish. It's a very sessionable stout.


Belgian Seasonal Ale: A marriage of fruity, spicy and alcohol flavors supported by a soft malt character. This sparkling golden ale may look innocent but punches well above its weight with an ABV of 9.2%.

 ~ February 2014:


Our micro brewery is ideally located along the Cayuga Wine Trail which is quickly becoming an area known for quality brewing as well as wine. We're located just miles North of Ithaca in an agricultural town, Lansing. NY offers us a wide variety of local ingredients to use in our brewing process: hops, corn, grain.... We buy most of our hops locally. Our brewery is located right next to the Rogues Harbor Inn so don’t forget to check us out when staying at the bed and breakfast. 

We started brewing in 2011 offering 5 of our own craft beers, all listed on this page. Every batch we brew produces 4 kegs offering plenty of beer to go around for the restaurant or for growler fills to take with you. Our brew gurus have been brewing long before 2011 bringing a wealth of knowledge to our brew house. Chris Williams and Alex Schwartz take great care in brewing the finest ales from quality local ingredients.

Our brews pour nightly at the inn 5 pm till  midnight Sunday - Thursday, and 4 pm - 1am Saturday & Sunday

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